Former Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Omore Magoha showered President William Ruto with praises shortly before he passed on.

Speaking on October 12, 2022, during a three-day orientation into the currents and essentials of education reform initiatives held at the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology in Africa (CEMASTEA) in Nairobi, the late CS described Ruto as a leader always ready to listen and implement.

“In the short time, I have worked with him, and according to my assessment, Ruto is a person who listens and takes views, including those he didn’t want to hear.

“He is also an academic, I was involved with him when he was doing his masters degree and PhD too,” he noted.

He lauded the head of state for ensuring that those fighting the Competency-based Curriculum ( CBC) did not win.

“I want to thank Ruto for having assured us that CBC is going nowhere and this was brought about by the fact that we are all aware that we have ten million children that have engaged in this manner. I thank him too for having pronounced himself that it is better to focus on the child,” he announced.

The late CS, who succeeded exceedingly well 

in the education sector, further urged the President to use his wisdom to help children in Kenya.

“I would like to encourage you to use your intellectual power. If you want your brain to sleep it will sleep, If you want your brain to work so that you can add value to help our children then you will think,” he challenged Ruto.

Addressing the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPWR), he urged the CBC task force to make Ruto proud by solving the problems bedevilling the education sector, especially universities.

“Remove politicians and fake experts. You cannot be an expert if you do not belong to the university system. Why should we have four universities in one township and then go ahead and create other branches in other townships, and everyone else is quiet because they know it is politically wrong?

“I want to see whether you are bold enough because universities are dying. In order to help Ruto, go to unknowns take results and then forward them to him. I believe that b est advisors are the ones who tell me what I don’t want to hear,” he uttered.

Following Magoha’s demise, Ruto eulogised him as a friend. He further stated that the family needed much support as they were also mourning the death of Magoha’s brother.

He praised his work during the period he had to work with him while serving as the Deputy President in the previous Uhuru regime.

According to the family, he suffered a cardiac arrest while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital.

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