Today morning, Corporal Caroline Kangogo’s body was found with a bullet hole on the side of her skull, slumped in a sitting position inside a bathroom in her parent’s home.

The body has since been transferred to Iten Hospital morgue. 

Police sources revealed that she left a long-winded series of text messages in her kabambe phone found on her body.

These are her last words before she died.

Caroline wrote a text for her dead lover, Constable John Ongweno, and the family he left behind. 

Ogweno was the first victim in the dual murder spree by Caroline. He was found murdered in cold blood, body slumped in his car in a police line in Nakuru. This is the area where police live. 

What is puzzling the detectives is that the area is secure and no one heard a gunshot fired. 

She left the scene of the crime with his pistol and 13 rounds of ammunition. It is believed that she shot the police officer at point-blank range after a night of drinking.

In her last message to Ogweno, Caroline jotted in her note to him,

 “For you, my loved John Ogweno our love was made in heaven that is why since Monday a day after the incident you always embrace me with love, forgiveness and a kiss, telling me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. may our kids live in peace love forgiveness success n being God-fearing.”

Caroline also apologised to Ogweno’s wife, Juliet.

“To Ogweno’s family sorry for letting you down. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I really feel for Juliet and the kids.”

She concluded the message with, “Sorry mama, I did not mean to.”

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