A 27-year-old was on Thursday morning arrested for sodomising a minor.

Hassan Longo, was nabbed by officers attached to Kisasi police station after the minor’s grandmother reported the matter.

According to a police report seen by K24 Digital, the grandmother noticed the minor was not walking properly and on inquiry, he revealed that he had been molested.

“The incident happened at 1700hrs when the said minor had been sent by his grandmother, on returning home with the donkey she noticed that the boy had difficulty in walking,” the report read in part.

This prompted the woman to further inquire what was happening and the minor said that he had been sodomised.

The woman then reported the matter to the area chief who swiftly moved and arrested the suspect.

The minor was taken to Kitui Teaching and Referral Hospital for treatment.

Investigation into the matter is underway as police work round the clock to ensure that they get enough evidence against the suspect who will be arraigned in court on Friday, July 23.

Cases linked to sodomy have been on the increase in the recent past. Two weeks ago, a senior police officer attached to Langas Police Station was nabbed by his colleagues after he allegedly sodomised a 20-year-old.

K24 Digital, exclusively reported that the officer arrested the student who was walking without wearing a mask.

Instead of taking him to the station, he took him to his house where he sodomised him before releasing him. The matter is currently in court.

Courtesy K24 TV

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