A Nairobi court has been informed that former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu collapsed on Sunday at his home and was rushed to hospital.

Lawyer John Swaka told Magistrate Thomas Nzioki that Waititu could not be available in court for his hearing because he was admitted to the hospital.

“We are not ready to proceed… I was informed that he collapsed yesterday and was rushed to Aga Khan where he is admitted,” Swaka said.

Swaka further said Waititu’s wife Susan Wangari could not make it to court because she is with him in the hospital.

“Therefore, we will not be able to proceed with the hearing today,” he said.

The magistrate said he had not been furnished with any medical records.

Swaka said he received the information this morning but he will avail documents as soon as possible.

The case was adjourned to tomorrow when Swaka is expected to produce the medical documents showing that his client is in hospital.

By the star

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