Koome in Deep Trouble

The Azimio coalition held a rally in Luo Nyanza where they mourned the death of their people who were killed by police officers during the anti governmental protests.

Several Azimio leaders attended the event and they severely criticized the government for ignoring the incidents and not taking action against those that were involved in the murders.

Suba North Member of Parliament Milli Odhiambo is among the leaders that expressed their sadness over the death of their people.

She said that the police killed their children like chicken and the Inspector General of police has refused to do anything about it. She told Japhet Koome that they have not forgiven him yet as they will go for him so that he can pay for his sins.

“We will come for you. Luo sons will not be pursued like chicken & get killed.” Millie said.

During the protests the police are said to have gone to individual houses of the residents of Nyalenda in Kisumu county and pulled out young men from their houses. They were beaten mercilessly and many lost their lives. The Luo community now wants an action to be taken against all those that were involved.

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