Kisumu Girls Closed indefinitely

Kisumu Girls National School in Kisumu has been closed indefinitely following the students’ unrest. [Michael Mute, Standard]

Kisumu Girls High School has been closed indefinitely following students’ unrest.

The students went home Sunday morning. [Michael Mute, Standard]

Students at the institution left for home on Sunday, September 17 morning.

Reports show that Ministry of Education officials are currently in a closed-door meeting with the administration.

Nyanza Regional Education Director Nelson Sifuna says the students started showing signs of agitation on Friday, which worsened on this morning.

“From Friday there have been issues in this school. A number of girls were making noise and refusing to participate in school activities. Gradually it generated to shouting at any person trying to address them,” Sifuna says.

“The situation worsened yesterday when officers from the National Government Administration and Ministry of Education tried to address them at the Dining Hall but they were very angry. When I was called, I rushed to the school and addressed them but they refused to openly give grievances they have. We gave them papers to write their grievances,” he adds.

Sifuna says the situation got worse on Sunday when they became rowdy as a result of a blackout. Therefore, the school’s board of governors met and decided to send them home to restore normalcy.

“This morning they woke up with more agitation. First, they went to the Dining Hall and wanted to play all types of music. There was a blackout and they started shouting and throwing papers. The Board had a meeting, resolved that to restore order the school closes as they look into their grievances,”

The school’s administration and the Ministry of Education is yet to give an official communication.

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