The teachers have been up in arms as far as the new system of education is concerned.Some weeks ago,reports emerged that teachers in the country are among the most overworked within the country.

Currently,the teachers are handling more lessons in primary schools due to the coming of the new Curriculum that has seen more subjects.

Teachers missed out in the July 2021 CBA.The SRC said that the country was in a bad economic state and salaries for the government workers would be increased once the country’s economy recovers.

The teachers union Kuppet a few days ago issued some strike notice to TSC.However,Knut objected this move.

Seemingly, the teachers are now likely to be headed for a pay increase in July.Today,report emerged that the government has reached at an agreement with Kuppet thus ending up calling the strike off.

As always,the union would have been up in arms and ending up suspending the strike.However,the teachers are now likely to get the new salaries.

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