Jimi Wanjigi has promised to implement the National Social Security Act if elected president.

Today, the Orange Democratic Movement presidential hopeful said the Act required the government to assist unemployed Kenyans financially.

Wanjigi dismissed Raila Odinga’s manifesto pledge of Sh6,000 monthly stipend to all unemployed Kenyan adults if elected president, unrealistic.

He said Raila’s plan is not economically healthy for a debt-ridden country.

“Were he to implement such a programme, the country would spend Sh300 billion per year on the same,” Wanjigi said.

He spoke on Sunday at the AIPCA church Kutus, Kirinyaga County.

Wanjigi termed it unpractical and unfair for hardworking Kenyans to work hard to build the nation, only for the government to allocate the money to non-working Kenyans.

He said, since the former PM read from the same script as the current government, he should use his influence to oversee the implementation of his proposal.

“Last week, he told us that price fuels would fall, and that happened. So he should use his influence in government to tackle the unemployment problem,” said Wanjigi.

Wanjigi said his agenda was to empower the ordinary Kenyan.

“My agenda is to empower Kenyans by showing them how to make money,” he said.

He took a swipe on the ODM leader and other national politicians for failing to give Kenyans transformative leadership.

Wanjigi further said he would remain unbowed in his quest to vie for the presidency in next year’s polls.

He told off those urging him to go for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, saying he will take none of their advice as that is attempting to scuttle his presidential bid.

“I’m stopping at nothing to see my dream materialize. Those attempting to sabotage my dream should be advised that I’m focused on the presidential dream,” he added.

He said he would contest for an ODM ticket, despite facing hurdles from the party’s governing council.

Wanjigi challenged the council to embrace democracy and transparency while carrying out the party’s delegates elections.

He criticized how some grassroots primaries have been carried out without fairness and compliance to the party’s constitution.

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