I Regret a Lot, I was Misled, Gachagua Cries Foul

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua expressed regret a few hours ago for limiting his family to only two children, attributing his decision to being influenced by Western culture.

Gachagua, from the Mt. Kenya region, urged others not to let concerns about the high cost of living dictate family planning, emphasizing his belief in God’s provision. The report quotes him expressing frustration over what he now deems an unwise choice.

Gachagua’s call for increased family size is accompanied by a plea for individuals to reconsider societal norms that may influence their decisions.

He argues against being overly swayed by external factors and encourages a shift towards embracing larger families. The Deputy President appears passionate about correcting what he sees as a misstep driven by cultural influences.

The report includes Gachagua’s strong statement: “I regret having only two children. I made an unwise decision and was misguided by the Western Culture, which led me to limit the size of my family.”

This admission reveals a personal reflection on choices made and the impact of external cultural pressures on individual decisions regarding family size.

The provided link directs readers to more detailed information on the report, enhancing accessibility for those seeking a deeper understanding of Gachagua’s sentiments.

Additionally, the inclusion of a disclaimer emphasizes that the content is created and supplied by a specific source, with Opera News distancing itself from any potential controversy or differing opinions expressed in the report.

Gachagua’s stance on family size challenges societal norms and opens a discussion on the influence of cultural factors in shaping personal decisions.

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