A young woman has narrated how her cheating boyfriend slept with her own mother while she was giving birth to their son.

The mother of one identified as Alyssa-Mae disclosed that she was left devastated upon learning of the sex affair between her 25-year-old boyfriend of seven years and her 40-year-old mother.

“Back in February 2018, I was rushed to the hospital with bad contractions. I rang him and he didn’t answer the first few times, until eventually I got through. He told me something had come and therefore he wasn’t going to make it. He came later on that night to visit my and the baby in the hospital and acted fine,” she narrated.

Alyssa further states how he neighbours lifted the veil over the affair between her mum and boyfriend, that they had succeeded in keeping under the wraps for two years.

“I didn’t notice anything weird about at this point. We went back home and lived a normal life for a while. I didn’t find out until two years later. My neighbours showed me camera footage of my mum constantly entering and leaving my property when I wasn’t home, which made me suspicious,” she said.

She proceeds to reveal that her ex-boyfriend confessed that he was in a relationship with her mother.

“I then found messages between my mother and ex-boyfriend, with naked photos and details and dates of the incidents, including when I was giving birth. I confronted him and he confessed.

“I felt heartbroken, betrayed and like a failure. I packed up his stuff and threw it over the balcony and told him to leave. My mother and I also stopped talking once I found this out,” she added.

By K24 TV

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