Take her somewhere nice. If you want to get a girl’s attention, take her somewhere nice. A place where she feels okay, loved, comfortable and relaxed. Going to a restaurant alone is fine, but going out to eat with her is even better. When you go somewhere nice, don’t expect her to pay; let her treat you.

And work on her heart, once she’s given you the green light, it’s time to move on to the heart. Make sure that you listen well, and really understand what she’s saying. Let her know that you care about her, and show interest by asking questions and showing concern. She’ll notice if you’re paying attention to her feelings.

Do something thoughtful. Doing something thoughtful for someone else is a great way to show how much you appreciate them. Show her how much you care by doing something nice for her, like getting her flowers or buying her a gift card.

Be well-mannered. If you’re polite, kind, and respectful, women will find you charming. You shouldn’t act like a jerk, though. Don’t insult her friends or talk about how much she sucks at sports. She wants a guy who treats her with respect. If you treat her like crap, then she might start thinking that maybe she was wrong about you.

Honesty is the best policy. Being dishonest isn’t going to win you any points with a girl. If you lie to her, she’ll eventually catch you out. So tell her what’s really happening. Tell her the truth. If you’ve been drinking, admit it. If you smoke pot, say it. Honesty is important and honesty is the only way to go if you want your relationship to work.

Treat her right. Don’t hit on her friends. Don’t try to pick fights with her. Don’t disrespect her. Women don’t like jerks. And if you’re disrespectful, she’ll walk away in disgust. Telling her that she looks hot is nice, but don’t ever ask her out. That’s crossing a line.

Show her affection. Women like guys who show them some affection. Give her a kiss on the cheek. Hold her hand. Hug her. Kissing is great, but touching goes even further. If you touch her, it lets her know that you notice her. And if you notice her, she’ll notice you back.

Cook for her if you truly love her. Cooking is a great way to bond with someone and enjoy each other’s company. Surprise her with a delicious meal and tell her what ingredients you used.

Touching is a great way to show affection. If you want to really impress someone, touch them gently. Rubbing hands together is also a nice gesture. Be careful though, some people may take it the wrong way. A gentle touch is always appreciated.

Romance doesn’t always mean flowers, chocolates, or expensive gifts. Sometimes it’s about being thoughtful and kind.

Try doing something nice for your partner once in a while. Maybe cook dinner together, go for a walk, or even just hold hands while you talk. Showing affection isn’t only good for your relationship, but it shows that you care about her as well.

Have s£x. S£x is a great way to show a girl that you truly care about her. Not only does it give her pleasure, but it shows her that you want to connect with her emotionally. S£x is a great way to keep the spark alive between you two.

Call her everyday and tell her what’s going on in your life. Tell her about your day, ask her what she did, and listen to her talk about herself. Make sure not to call her too early in the morning though, unless you want to wake her up.

Women love men who treat them right, give them gifts, attention, and affection. Women want to feel appreciated and loved.

If she feels valued and respected, she’ll respond positively and return the favor. So, start treating women the way they deserve to be treated.

A man should always put his partner’s happiness before his own. Make sure he treats her like she deserves to be treated.

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