When Vera Sidika started dating Otile brown, it heralded a new beginning for socialites. It showed that after years of chasing glamour wearing a bikini, someone can still settle down for a traditional life. It meant that socialites would look forward to spending their twilight years playing with grandkids instead of showing disheveled tattoos.

Well, the relationship did not last long. After a steamy vacation in Dubai they called it breaks after jetting back to the country. Though they did not make a baby together they made a beautiful music video. Vera later confessed Otile Brown was using her to gain fame.

They might have broken up but Vera was determined that she must hold onto something brown. If you have followed Vera Sidika journey over the years you will know she is obsessed with almost everything that is brown. That is why she immediately started dating Brown Mauzo.

A few weeks ago Vera broke the Internet by announcing that she was expectant. She trended for quite sometime confirming that her and Huddah still matter in Kenyan entertainment industry. Together with Mauzo they have been updating us every step of the way.

Yesterday Vera held a gender reveal party. While it was an invite only affair, every nosy Kenyan got to see it through her Instagram page. It was stuff out of this world. A perfect party except for one thing – Mauzo was conspicuously missing. Maybe he was busy though a peek on his Instagram page reveals worrying details. He is dead silent on the matter. Has Vera Sidika been dumped by second Brown?

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