Midway the funeral of late nominated senator Victor Prengei in Nakuru County, officers drawn from the General Service Unit (GSU) replaced Administration Police (AP) officers guarding Deputy President William Ruto.

In a video seen by on Saturday, August 28, a heavy contingent of GSU officers is seen moving in and forming what looked like a new security protection protocol at Gichaki grounds, Mariashoni, Nakuru County, as the APs move out.

It is not clear if the move to replace AP officers with GSU at the event is in line with demands made by Ruto in his letter to Inspector General, Hillary Mutyambai calling for the redeployment of members of the withdrawn elite unit.

But according to Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya the move to deploy GSU officers was a normal procedure.

“The deployment of GSU officers to Senator Victor Prengei’s funeral is a normal procedure to beef up security, contain masses of pandemic restrictions and avert eruption of tribal conflict which occurs in Mariashoni,” Natembeya stated.

GSU Officers Taking Over From AP Officers on Saturday August 28

GSU Officers Taking Over From AP Officers on Saturday, August 28TWITTER

Speaking during the funeral, Ruto stated he was too busy and he will not engage any government official especially on matters regarding the withdrawal of his security.

He insisted that his focus was on how to turn around the Kenyan economy through his bottom-up approach.

 “I’m sorry I will have to disappoint those gentlemen who want us to talk about power and positions and security, I’m busy assembling an economic plan that will see to it that we create jobs for the youth and security for all,” Ruto started.

His allies had earlier on called out different top officials, regarding the downgrading of his security detail.

A total of 77 GSU officers were withdrawn and replaced with 26 security of the Government Buildings Unit (GBU) of the administrative police service.

This contravened with the National Police Service orders, which stipulate that the presidency of which Ruto is part, is meant to be guarded by GSU.

 Following the downgrade of his security unit, Ruto wrote a letter to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai claiming that his life was in danger.

He claimed that the new security detail might have been deployed to his home with an ulterior motive. Police spokesperson Bruno Shioso had earlier affirmed the changes claiming that were that normal re-assignment of duties within the security forces in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


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