Clan members have made new demands on the government before they can bury him. They claim his death was an extrajudicial homicide and are seeking redress almost three months after he was lynched.

The community in his Kabuchai village has also denied him and is unwilling to bury him for fear of a curse They want a cleansing ceremony to be held before the funeral.

The clan has questioned the story that Wanjala had a day before he escaped from a police station in Nairobi fled murder charges only to be lynched by the Mafia in Bungoma.

“We still don’t understand how our son, who was guarded by huge security guards when we last saw him managed to escape the police station on Jogoo Road as far as here in Kabuchai, about 500 kilometers away, to be lynched by local residents, “said Mr. Calistus Mukhisa, the leader of the Bakitwika clan, from which Wanjala came.

Mr. Mukhisa referred to us of Wanjala’s family, when we asked for comment on the case, they said, pending the answers, they are going to put their son’s body in the morgue.

Murder campaign
“We as a clan also want the 12 murder charges against our son to be dropped by the state before we can think of burying him. We don’t want a scenario in which the families of those who are believed to have killed Masts come and ask the family for compensation, “said Mr. Mukhisa.

Wanjala made headlines earlier this year when he confessed to the murder and sucked the blood of about 20 children in four districts in a secret grueling campaign that spanned six years.

He was accused of criminal acts in Bungoma, Machakos, Nairobi and Kajiado on record dark victories by scribbling the names of the victims next to the dates.

Like a vampire, the suspect suckled the blood of some of his victims as he strangled them.

Wanjala said he would first make friends with the kids who loved his soccer skills and training sessions before he killed them.

He would dump the bodies in rivers, pit latrines, trenches, and trenches later.

Now the elders of Bukusu waded into the storm because of his funeral.

They have requested that the funeral take place at night on a river bank and follow the traditions and customs of the community so that they are not cursed.

Funeral rituals
“It it is mandatory that rituals be performed before he is buried, or an accident will hit the entire community, “said Michael Misiko, one of the elders.

Mzee Misiko, locally referred to as” Omukulo “, said, that the elders must perform a special ritual to cleanse the homestead and the entire family and clan members.

“If the ritual is not performed, his evil spirit will torment family members,” he explained.

Mr Misiko said Wanjala’s suffering began when his parents separated and he grew up in poverty.

He claimed that Wanjala was cursed for shedding innocent blood and was an outcast from the family and the community.

“Such a person should be away from the homestead and be buried near the river bank so that his mind could be washed into the lake by the flowing river to avert a curse, “added Mzee Misiko.

His father, Robert Wanjala Watila, claimed Wanjala be ruined by his mother. Mr. Watila had divorced Wanjala’s mother before he was born.

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