Deputy president William Ruto’s communication strategist Dennis Itumbi has reportedly been rushed to the intensive care unit ICU after developing pneumonia.

According to Peter Kamau who is the Team Ruto National coordinator Dennis Itumbi developed breathing complications forcing the doctors to transfer him to the specialized intensive care unit.

He also shared X ray results which showed that the Blogger had pneumonia and they believe that he might have contracted pneumonia after he was abducted and dumped in the cold on Thursday night.

“At 3:00am this morning our brother Dennis Itumbi was taken to the ICU with breathing difficulties. Medical tests reveal that he has traces of pneumonia.

“You remember the evil abductors after torturing him and clobbering him with a hammer on his arms and limbs stripped him and left him in the cold of the night. He must have been exposed then.

“I would also like to update you that the surgery done on his fractured bones was successful. The medical team is doing its best to deal with the current complications. Even as you celebrate Christmas keep him in your prayers,“said Kamau.

The family on Thursday claimed that Dennis Itumbi was found tortured a few days after he went missing near Thindigua area along kiambu Rd. According to his brother David Itumbi, the digital strategist alleged to him that he was kidnapped by police officers who ended up beating him and throwing him by the roadside.

“My brother has been badly beaten. We thank God that he is alive. On his own account, he was arrested by police and beaten and tortured. This is the state we found him in. (See pictures). Please pray for his recovery. Thank you for your many prayers and support,” said the brother.

Dennis went missing on Thursday afternoon after allegedly being picked up by unknown people who forced him into a Toyota Premio vehicle as he was leaving a barbershop at Thindigua in Kiambu County..

In a series of tweets, David said that Dennis was abducted in a thuggish way and all leads showed that his phone was at the parklands police station. However, the authorities were allegedly frustrating their efforts in knowing where he was as a visit at the station indicated that he was not there.

It is alleged that Dennis was abducted when police were arresting people with no masks but those arrested were released as soon as the PR and Communication strategist was taken away.

“According to eyewitnesses- as Dennis Itumbi was being abducted police were arresting people who had no mask -as soon as the car abducting Dennis took off,all people who had been arrested were released. We need answers,” David said

He further said that Dennis’ life had been in danger after being chased by armed people a few months ago and he even recorded a statement with the police but he was given no protection.

“Few months ago – Dennis Itumbi had been chased by armed people who wanted to cause harm to him , this was after he had published some content online. He had recorded a statement that his life was in danger. No protection was granted to him. We need some answers here,” David stated.

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