A renowned Kenyan socialite by the name Huddah Monroe has finally opened up and talk about her strange habit of not wearing panties, even she’s in public places.

In a post in an on social media, the madam Monroe revealed that she does not wear any panties even when she is on her monthly periods.

The controversial socialite explained that she doesn’t wear panties because her private part is always fresh as raspberry icing. She further claimed that people who wear underwear have stinking private parts.

Madam Huddah further gives out the following reasons that drives her to that decision;

1. Helping the body breathe better: For some women, not wearing underwear or pants at night, helps the body to breathe better. This nightly ritual could be especially helpful for women who are susceptible to infections.

2. Reduces risk of infection: For some women, infections can sometimes get horrible and painful, and practically no one wants that.

Some underwear, especially the synthetic ones, prevents the air from flowing in, trapping excess moisture and microbes that further act as a breeding ground for infections or yeast infections.

3. Promotes comfort: While one might think ditching an underwear will make it uncomfortable for one, the case is precisely the opposite.

A few days down the line, one would feel more comfortable and relaxed. And since there’s no moisture trapped, it also keeps the odor away, making you even more comfortable.

4. There’s lesser bacteria migration: One’s choice of an underwear style and fabric can increase the chances of bacteria contamination from the body to sensitive areas.

“I don’t wear panties. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend, everyone wonders why. But it’s this private part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Panties are for people with smelly private parts, I think you need it to trap that odor. Panties give me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my body,” Huddah wrote.

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