There is sharp division in Azimio after Raila’s running mate Martha Karua hinted at challenging the supreme court’s ruling at the East African court of justice.

Martha Karua while speaking on Saturday revealed that she may consider going to the east African court to get the judgment interpreted because she feels the judges made an error in their ruling.

However, it has now emerged that there is a sharp division in Azimio with some supporting Martha Karua’s move while others opposing it to allow Kenyans move on from the bad electoral memory that was given a clean bill of Health by the Supreme court.

Those opposing Martha karua argue that the East African court of justice may not do much to change the outcome of the Supreme court because Kenya is a sovereign state that is not bound by the East African court’s late ruling.

According to her, they performed well in the just concluded general elections including in Nairobi county and there was no way they could lose this election to Kenya Kwanza candidate William Ruto. 

Martha Karua also took offense with the harsh and unprofessional words that the supreme court used for instance hot air, nonsense amongst others.

“In Nairobi, they have the governor but we have majority MCAs. Azimio won more presidential votes in Nairobi. I cannot believe we lost. It doesn’t make sense. But the court said we move on and we shall do so in line with rule of law and democracy. There is no other place to go other than the East African Court where I last filed an appeal (against Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru in 2017). 

“I’m considering whether to travel on a hot air balloon to the East African Court of Justice just to discuss that judgment. I have time, I will take a break. – Martha Karua. For now, I will take a break but in my personal capacity I’m considering going to the East African Court of Justice,” Martha Karua stated. 

She further assured her supporters that she will wait for the full judgment of the Supreme court so that she can fully criticize them.

“We respect the judgment but we do not agree with them. Let them release their views and then I will add mine and go to court,” she added.

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