Media personality Betty Kyallo, on Saturday, revealed that she is no longer a girlfriend to Nairobi-based lawyer Nick Ndeda.

Taking to her Instagram page, Betty revealed that she is no longer Nick’s girlfriend but his fiance. Betty announced the change of the status of their relationship after revealing that Nick had posed “The Question” to her and she said a yes.

Betty announced her engagement to Nick by displaying an engagement ring she was wearing in a photo she posted on her Instagram.

“Make sure I don’t catch you staring,”  Betty captioned the photo.

The caption seemed like a warning to curious people trying to stir at her engagement ring.

But the warning did not deter curious Kenyans from asking questions if the ring meant that she was engaged to Nick and they were planning a wedding already.

“Did I Just see a nini… aririrri… Kitenge is ready and set,” one Blessed Sarah Mwangi said.

Responding to Sarah’s Betty did deny nor accept that he is soon wedding Nick following the engagement.

“@blessedsarahmwangi wewe ,” Betty replied.

Betty’s engagement comes two months after reports emerged that Nick took her for introduction to his parents in Kisumu. The reports came after she revealed that she, at the time, had spent the weekend in Kisumu.

“Kisumu has been really kind,” Betty said.

Her confession of spending time in Kisumu made many Kenyans start speculating that she had visited Nick’s parents at the Lake Side City.

Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo hanging out together. Photo: Instagram

“Umeebda introdakson mummy,” singer Akothee asked Betty following her post.

Replying to Akothee’s quiz, Betty never denied the allegations instead she said: “Aki my dear sis umeshout.”

The news about Betty Kyallo taking her relationship with Nick is not a surprise that the two seem to be very serious with one another and have often been seen enjoying one another’s company.

By Kenyan Report

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