List of Azimio Leaders Who Are Still in Jail After Protest Arrest

Dozens of demonstrators at the Saba Saba have were arrested and are being held incommunicado, while human rights organisations led by the Katiba Institute and the Kenya Human Rights Commission have vowed to press charges against the police.

The reported 32 inmates were all taking part in Friday’s protests against the Kenya Kwanza administration, which were called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga in an effort to get taxes and living costs lowered.

Lawyer Soyinka Lempaa from the Katiba Institute made the statement on Saturday after a group of attorneys and activists who had gone to bail out the demonstrators at Central Police Station were teargassed.

Lempaa was joined by Davis Malombe, the director of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, as they addressed the press.

Malombe reported that police have arrested the demonstrators on suspicion of unlawful assembly, violence, and property destruction.

“When they present them in court on Monday, we will deal with them and thereafter, we will sue them because it has become a habit by the police to arbitrarily arrest people over crimes they cannot prove in court,” he claimed.

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