Kenya Power and Lighting Company has announced another power interruptions for tomorrow, Monday 30th May in the following parts of the country. Planned power interruptions for Monday indicates that electricity blackout is expected to last for 8 hours.

Therefore those customers to be affected urged to use alternative sources of electricity. Parts of Trans Nzoia, Nyamira, Embu and Kiambu Counties will be affected as from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company has therefore apologized for any inconveniences that may be caused by these long hours of electricity blackout within the mentioned counties. Members of the public should note that not all parts of the mentioned counties will be affected. Only specified areas will be affected.

Parts of Trans Nzoia County, especially Kapsara, Chebarus, Kipsaina, Kabolet, Makoi, Chisare, Makoi, Ngonyek, Minex, Sibanga, Sirwo Resort, Namba Nne, Kirita, Sitatunga, Cooperative, Murura, Mukuyu, Bwayi, Mutua,Maili Saba and adjacent customers.

Parts of Nyamira county will also be affected, especially Keritor Tea, Sotik Highlands Factory and adjacent customers.

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