Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary (CS) Sicily Kariuki says she is only answerable to one person in the government, and that is President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the CS, though her position might require her to consult with Deputy President William Ruto from time to time, the meetings are always held following instructions by the Head of State.

“All I know is that there is one boss at a time, and even in the cases that I would be required to have a discussion on a matter with Deputy President Ruto, it will be on the instructions of the same boss,” the CS said in an exlusive interview with Citizen TV’s Sam Gituku.

Every member of the Cabinet, CS Kariuki insists, is answerable to President Kenyatta, including DP Ruto as well.

Despite alluding that it has been a while since she last sought out the DP for consultation, CS Kariuki clarified that she does so if and when the Head of State commands.

Having held two ministerial dockets, that of Water CS and CS for Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, during President Kenyatta’s two terms in office; Kariuki describes the Commander-in-Chief as a person she has really enjoyed working with and learning from.

“He is a very good boss in the sense that he will give you his expectations clearly and his disappointments when you fail. He will give you all the support and the confidence you need. He is a very good person to work with,” she stated.

“He will allow you to share ideas if you have good ideas and he also listens if he thinks that is not his. He is similarly understanding and respects your personal space.”

According to the CS, the President and DP Ruto share similar traits in that they are good people to work under and also that they boast of having high intellect, great analytical minds, and excellent leadership qualities.

“He (DP Ruto) is equally a good person, both of them are blessed with the brainpower,” she explained.

The CS clarified that she holds no malice towards DP Ruto and she was never part of any alleged plot to assassinate him in 2019 as was claimed by a section of his allies.

In June 2019, Kariuki alongside her counterparts CSs John Mucheru (ICT) and Peter Munya (Agriculture) were accused of plotting to eliminate the DP.

Kariuki has however labeled the whole ordeal as fabricated while dismissing the claims.

“There was no statement to record because there was nothing to record. I knew nothing about it. Fabrication again by someone sitting somewhere. The whole ordeal really hurt my family though. They were just as surprised as I was,” she explained.

By Citizen Digital

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