These days stingy people are everywhere,you might unknowingly be one of them. There is a difference between being stingy and not having the money. You may have the money but still choose to be stingy.

These kind of people usually find it hard to let go a coin off their pocket and would prefer spending the money on themselves not others. If you possess the following signs then you are definitely a stingy person.

1.You don’t like celebrating important days. You just choose to ignore your birthday,Valentine’s, wedding anniversary or any other special occasions because you simply don’t want to spend money. You would always say you are a grown up or you are simply busy but that’s just an excuse.

2.You never give your younger siblings money. Of course,you just don’t want to part with your money. You will always tell them you don’t have money then later buy yourself an expensive phone!.

3.You don’t like contributing in social gatherings .You would always avoid contributing for others because its a waste of money.You would never give wedding contributions because according to you,if someone can’t afford a wedding,they better forget.

4.You never see any reason to change your wardrobe . You will always be satisfied with that faded T-shirt or torn dress because you just want to have the money in your pocket. You would even prefer staying hungry so as not to spend.

5.You would prefer taking your date to your home. Of course you would prefer having dates in your house where you will give him or her juice and pop corns. You would always avoid hotels or any public place. You just dnt want to spend.

6.You give people the exact money they ask for. If your boyfriend or girlfriend ask for 50/= airtime,you would just give the exact money and that is after complaining how broke you are.

7.You wouldn’t buy drinks for your friends even at gun point. You are the type who always complains how broke you are so that you don’t buy drinks for your friends. You will always drink or eat what others buy.

8.You prefer shopping in kiosks. You always say how expensive supermarkets are but the real reason is that you are afraid of the variety at the supermarket which is a threat to your pocket.

9.No one will ever find loose change in your pockets. It may be hard for your girlfriend or sibling to find money in those pockets because you are just careful with your money.

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