This one has suprised the whole world. A North Korean court has sentenced a two-year-old child after the parents were found in possession of a Bible. In some countries, Christians are persecuted; Christians have, however, have maintained that it is showing that the end times have come.

According to the latest US State Department report on religious freedom, he was not alone in this fate, and the other family members were also for life. Netizens who voiced their views on social media blasted the court for jailing a two-year-old child because of his parent’s actions. The source did not provide further information on the issue.

It is reported that Christians in North Korea face torture and execution. It’s an atheist nation. Despite widespread persecution, the country’s Constitution guarantees religious freedom.

According to reports published by NDTV.com, as many as 70,000 Christians, along with individuals of other faiths, may be imprisoned in North Korea, according to the State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report for 2022. Among those incarcerated was a two-year-old boy,whose parents were reportedly given a life sentence after they were discovered with a Bible, according to the article.

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