Willis Raburu Loses Sh 300,000 To Scammers

When you become rich, memories of your poverty stricken days become nostalgic. You become a motivational speaker and tell people how you started from the bottom. It does not matter if you had wealthy parents or influential godfather. Willis Raburu is no exception when it comes to bragging how he hustled his way to the top. In his success story he omits that his father was one of the most powerful people in the country during President Moi’s time. He is the son of Peter Raburu who was a Provincial Commissioner in Rift Valley.

Raburu says that he has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He was underground boss during his high school days selling biscuits and water. He says that he had a secret tap which no one knew about and he would draw water from it and sell to his fellow students. How a student could afford a secret water tap in school is confounding. It is also hard to imagine high school boys buying water.

Away from selling water, Raburu says while in his teens he got a deal that promised millions. It was a multi-level marketing scheme that promised to double his savings overnight. People who have traded on Aim Global, Amazon, Bold Cashers and other online schemes already know where this story is heading.

Raburu rushed and borrowed Sh300,000 from a friend with promise to pay back with interest. He was also told to bring other like minded people to invest in the pyramid scheme. After paying the cash, the investors stopped receiving his calls and when he visited their offices he was told they had moved to another location.

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