Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has turned 51 years old.

To celebrate the new age, her two sons and hubby Kamotho Waiganjo organized a surprise birthday party for the County boss.

On her social media, Waiguru shared a video where she was dining with her family at a hotel when the staff ambushed her with songs and a birthday cake.

While all this was happening, her husband and kids sang along, laughing at how they caught her off guard.

“Had some fun birthday lunch with the family yesterday.. What a blessing!”Waiguru shared.

Last year, the Kirinyaga Governor marked her 50th birthday in style.

She shared photos of her family and friends, accompanied by 5 lessons she has learnt in life.

She pointed out that she has learnt to;

  1. Have an Anchor!
  2. Build a strong support system!
  3. Live laugh & love! Try new things often.
  4. Think generational impact.
  5. Women should make their voices be heard.

Sourced from Mpasho

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