‘Nilifanyia Nini Huyu Mzee?’ Eric Omondi Laments After Ezekiel Mutua Attacks Him Again.

Self proclaimed president of East African comedy Eric Omondi is once again at loggerheads with the chairman of Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB). This is after the chairman expressed how he feels about the safari rally which is currently ongoing in Naivasha.

Through an interview by a local media, Ezekiel stated that he is not pleased by the debate and memes about the Naivasha Safari Rally going round on social media. He went ahead and used Eric as an example. Mutua claimed that the comedian is promoting immorality instead of showcasing Kenya’s culture.

“Instead of celebrating it, showing people our culture, showing them our food, tradition. Now we want to use it as the theatre of absurdity and immorality.

“Some of this content will be consumed by your children in another 30 years to come. Hakuna mtu atajua Omondi alikuwa msanii was kusifika, in another 50 years, atakuwa mzee, kama atakuwa hai.”Mutua said.

This did not sit well with Eric Omondi. He went ahead and complained about the same on his social media platforms:

“Lakini Jokes aside ni nini niliwai fanyia huyu mzee honestly. This statement is very archaic. The work of a Creative or any Serious Comedian like myself is to simply Mirror the society, I reflect our behavior as a people so that we not only laugh at ourselves but pick a lesson or two. Bwana Ezekiel, please wake up these things are happening in our society and we need to ask ourselves why?”

“Recently you strongly defended a politician who was caught in a similar situation but today you Strongly Condemn a Comedian for Joking about the same. You are like a Parent who finds his children sweeping the house and asks them to keep the dirt and garbage under the Carpets instead of taking the trash outside.

Hiyo nyumba bado itanuka tu. I challenge you Sir to stop making these statements from the Comfort of your office in Nairobi and come down to Naivasha and experience and Witness the beauty that is Safari Rally,” Eric posted.

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