There was drama in Parliament on Thursday after Aden Duale engaged in a heated exchange with Kisumu County Woman Rep Rozaah Buyu.

There was drama in Parliament on Thursday after Garisssa Town Member of Parliament Aden Duale engaged in a heated exchange with Kisumu County Woman Rep Rozaah Buyu.

It all started when Duale was making his remarks on the floor regarding insecurity in Marsabit County. In his statement, Duale noted that it is important for neighbouring communities to live in harmony despite their tribe and religious affiliation.

While rallying together the house to address the Marsabit issue, Duale argued that only leaders from North Kenya truly known and understand what is happening in the region, adding that leaders from other parts of the country should not bring party politics into the debate.

“I really want to ask this house, those of us who don’t come from Northern Kenya, please don’t play party politics. You come from the Lake, you come from the Mountain, you come from the Rift you don’t know what is happening in the North,” Duale said.

As he was making the remark, Buyu interjected and said “Marsabit is part of Kenya”, but an angry Duale shouted back, telling her to shut up.

“No Honorable, you know you eat fish, we eat carmel. Don’t shout at me, I’m not your boyfriend, don’t shout at me. Shame on You! I’m not your boyfriend, shame on you and sit down, Madam Speaker you must protect me, I’m a ranking member,” Duale said in response to Buyu’s remarks.

Angered by Duale’s remarks, Buyu rose on a point of order and sought to know whether it was right for Duale to make the above remarks.

“Is the Honorable Member in order to suggest that Rozaah Buyu wants him to be her boyfriend,” she said.

Reacting to Buyu’s point of order, Duale noted that he does not need a girlfriend in or outside Parliament and urged the Kisumu Woman Rep to “Shut up!”

“She should Shut up! She does not qualify to be my girlfriend,” Duale said.

The matter was finally put to rest when the interim Speaker Jessica Mbalu noted that Duale apologized had withdrew the statement as it was not in line with Parliamentary language.

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