A lady has left many people speechless after refusing to kiss her newly wedded husband when the pastor said, ‘it’s time to kiss the bride’.

Bride refuses to kiss groom during the wedding

During that moment, she locked her lips and ducked her husband, leaving social media users who saw the video in a frenzy.

After being asked by the pastor to kiss her husband, the groom’s efforts went futile as the lady kept dodging his lips.

In the video shared on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut, the bride acted shyly feigned with a smile, and she refused her hubby’s move to kiss her before witnesses who had attended the wedding.

However, the groom finally managed to get a light kiss after seral attempts but for a second before the bride moved away from him.

Netizens were shocked by the bride’s behavior, and some shared their thoughts concerning the matter.

Here are some of the comments from the post:

@yetundebakare said:

“She looks like someone is forcing her or she is lying to the man that she just married and pretending to be in love with him.

@funnymrpeter commented:

“I don’t have issues with the bride, the DJ is the problem here, why would he play such song.”

@jullyboss said:

“Shy much? I would use both hands to hold her head steady and kiss her..”

@olori_tennys added:

” Was she not aware the wedding will take place? I do not understand.”

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