TSC Refresher Courses: All teachers under the Teachers Service Commission will have to take refresher courses before they get promotions.

This is according to new regulations from the TSC that will now act as a departure from the previous mode of promotion and career progression.

The refresher courses have been dubbed as Teacher Profession Development (TPD), and they shall be operated as modular-based training programs for all training teachers. The TPD will be administered using technology and will address Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (PACK) and other contents that are in line with the approved curriculum.

According to TSC chief executive officer, the TPD program will be tailored to help teachers improve their competencies to match the education demands of the 21st century. “The TPD program targets to benefit all registered teachers in public and private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Kenya,” Dr. Macharia said.

Every classroom teacher, head teacher, and principal will required to at least take one class every year. These classes will however be based on the teacher’s roles and levels.

According to the TSC, modules for teachers will include Professionalism, Pedagogy, Competency-Based-Curriculum and Assessment, inclusive education practices, Comprehensive School Health and Safety, Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy Skills. Modules for institutional heads will include Professionalism, Competence-Based Curriculum and Assessment, leadership in high-quality instruction and assessment, professional learning environment, building a positive inclusive learning environment, comprehensive school health and financial literacy skills.

All teachers will be required to complete at least five programs in their teaching career,. within which their progress will determine their chances of career promotion.

By Bizna Kenya

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