Ambrose Rachier has disclosed the Holy Bible verses the Free Mason Members are conversant of whenever they meet as new details emerge.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, Ambrose Rachier has informed that Free Masonry is just like any other religion and that they are a charitable organization aimed at helping the less fortunate in society, in ensuring they serve to better humanity.

“Free Masonry is not based on any particular religion; we have Muslims in freemasonry, Christians, Buddhists, so there is no reference to issues of devil worship whoever the devil is,” Mr. Ambrose Rachier has said.

Mr. Ambrose has said that Free Mason does not Kill as many have been alleging and that they have no desire for human blood like some have been saying making it clear that for over 28 years since he joined the cult in 1994, he has not ever killed.

Mr. Ambrose has said that they meet often in Free Masons Headquarters and Lodges where they worship worn in unique attires, saying that they even read bible verses from the Holy Bible.

According to Mr. Ambrose Rachier, he has said that among bible verses they read during their services are Genesis, Leviticus, Kings, and Exodus alleging that King Solomon and King David were part of the free Mason.

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