During a press briefing today,Hon Raila Odinga has now shaken the country as he acknowledges return of massive demonstrations. Saying that this time round he will mobile all Kenyans and all state workers to protest against Finance Bill.

Hon Raila Odinga has now come out yo defend Kenyans alleging that wide consultation must take place in the proposed Finance Bill.

Now,President Ruto must place himself in tight spot as tension might arise if Raila call Nationwide demonstrations. Knowing that protests will hinder development and the economy might sink again.

Following the call from many leaders across the country, President Ruto should jow led Members of Parliament look deeply into the Bill before its being passed.

Hon Raila Odinga has also said that if the Bill is passed,Kenyans are going to suffer more because of imposed taxation.

However,to avoid dragged back to demonstration, President Ruto should allow Kenyans to give their views also.

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