Barely a weeks after Laikipia governor Nderitu Mureithi was elected as Raila Odinga’s chief Campaigner he has now faced the axe from his party.

Reports indicate that Mureithi a strong and die hard politician from PNU has been Ejected from the party.

A notice that appeared in the dailies on Wednesday, January 18, stated that the first-term Governor is not a member of PNU and is not authorised to speak on its behalf or represent it in any meeting.

Further, the statement signed by PNU Secretary General, John Okemwa Anunda, revealed that an advert that appeared in the papers on Saturday, January 15, announcing the recruitment of aspirants wishing to seek elective seats through the party was null and void because it had not been sanctioned.

The party leader has also revealed that he was the only person mandated to call for meetings in the party.

On the other hand Mureithi is yet to respond to his alleged ejection, this now exposes the supremacy battles inside the ones ruling party.

Mureithi is one among many governors who were chosen to steer head Odm leader campaigns ahead of the 2022 general elections.

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