Muranga women representative Sabina Chege has predicted of the incoming first lady between Rachel Ruto and Ida Odinga post August 9th polls. According to her, she feels Ida fits the no to occupy statehouse come August 9th polls.

Sabina Chege is of the view that at the moment Ida Odinga stands a better chance to be the first lady. According to her, Ida has what it takes to be in the house on the hill given her interpersonal skills and humanness.

Sabina Chege is one of the biggest supporters of Raila Odinga and she has managed to build a strong family relationship.

Chege is clear she won’t rest up and until Raila Odinga and Ida occupy the office of Statehouse. Ida has remained firm and confident that her efforts will never go unrewarded by Ida.

It’s obvious for Ida Odinga to become the first lady, Raila Odinga must win the August 9th polls.

However Rachel Ruto’s prayerful nature is something that has largely pushed them to the corner given she has confessed to having performed miracles in Karen and other places due to her prayerful nature.

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