Ruto and Raila Enters into a Political Deal.

President William Ruto and Raila Odinga are soon going o cut a political deal. This is according to history and international relations Professor at the United States International University Macharia Munene.

Speaking t Tv 47 on Monday morning, Professor Munene said that Raila officially lost the August 9, general elections but as usual, he did not accept the results.

According to the expert, this is not the fits time that Raila is refusing to accept results, adding that it is through such that Raila cuts a deal with the government.

He said the recently collapsed bipartisan talks was one of Raila’s strategy to cut a deal with President Ruto and that it only fell short of his expectation. He said he will soon have his way and cut a deal with Ruto.

“In the last few decades, Raila has been the de facto determinant of politics in Kenya whether he gets his way or not. He officially lost the elections last year to Ruto, he refuses to accept that he lost that election and he refuses to accept that he lost.

That is not the first time he is doing that, it’s a routine and in refusing to accept results, he cuts a deal, and he gets something for himself and his family leaving behind others. The idea of having a bipartisan talk was a deal that failed to meet expectations.

There were going to talk about how to cut a deal but they kept changing goalposts. Raila’s needs will be looked into soon,”¬†stated.

He, however, warned that the probability of Raila leaving behind his other friends when he cuts a deal with Ruto is so high as witnessed in the last elections.

This comes at a time when Raila and his Azimio team have intensified their pressure on President William Ruto to quit office. Thy have vowed t continue with their demonstrations untill they have their way

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