Jubilee party secretary-general Raphael Tuju has dismissed reports saying the ruling outfit is in the process of merging with the ODM party.

Speaking to a local television son Wednesday night, the ruling party SG said what exists between the two parties is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is pegged on working together.

According to Tuju, the ODM party has given them total support in Parliament and in many other sectors that they needed them.

He says the Raila Odinga led party is its ally and, therefore, people should misconstrue their relationship as a merger in the offing.

“If people are talking as allies; for instance, we tell them please help us here, this bill is coming and we need these numbers to be able to win this. Then they become courteous enough to support us,” he stated

“The moment we sit with ODM, who have given us more than 100 per cent support in Parliament, then people start talking about a merger. They don’t even understand the word merger. There is no merger, this is an MoU to work together,” he said.

Tuju said it was erroneous for people to claim that the ruling Jubilee is merging with ODM yet what exists between them is a working relationship.

He noted that it is shocking that when Jubilee engages with another party no one talks about a merger but when the same is done to ODM they start creating a narrative of a merger.

“We have an MoU with Wiper where we agreed that we are going to work on certain areas. Was that a merger that we signed or was it just an MoU? The moment you see us talking to ODM, I don’t know because I am Luo, then hell breaks loose,” he divulged.

Reports of the ODM party merging with Jubilee were rife after leaders from both parties held meetings in the recent past in what seemed to be building a coalition ahead of 2022.

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna is on record saying they are walking away from their Nasa colleagues to engage Jubilee on their political future.

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