Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has announced that opposition protests will be held weekly.

Speaking in Kamukunji on Monday, he said the protests will be held every week on Monday.

The Azimio leader said the mass action will not end until Kenyans get what is rightfully theirs.

“Tumeanza vita. Kila jumatatu kutakuwa na mgomo. Kutakuwa na maandamano. Vita imeanza haitaisha mpaka wakenya wapate haki yao,” Raila said.

This loosely translates to, “We have started a war. Every Monday we shall protest. This war will not end until Kenyans get what they deserve.”

The former Prime Minister said Kenyans have shown that they are tired.

He added that even if they have brought the police to disrupt their gathering, their spirit will not die.

“Wakenya wameonyesha punda imechoka. Ingawaje wameleta askari, lakini the Kenyan spirit is stronger than askaris and teargas.”

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