Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri on Thursday evening broke down in tears as he protested the Government’s move to withdraw General Service Unit GSU officers from Deputy President William Ruto’s private and official residences. 

Addressing the press in Nakuru, Ngunjiri alleged that this was a plot to weaken security around the country’s Second in Command with a view of harming him. 

“There have been allegations that DP Ruto will not be on the ballot in 2022, and this might be a plot to harm him. It is shocking that they are doing this in broad daylight,” said Ngunjiri. 

The legislator who is a DP Ruto diehard faulted those around President Uhuru Kenyatta for misadvising him. 

“There is a cabal of political appointees especially in the Ministry of Interior who have been reckless in following the Constitution. DP Ruto’s GSU security is not a favour, but a constitutional right,” said Ngunjiri.

“Reassigning Security of Government Buildings Unit in place of GSU officers is in bad taste and suspect,” he added.

He added that as supporters they were ready to camp at Ruto’s residence to ensure no persons with ill intentions access him. 

“This is not the first attempt to harm him. They tried to infiltrate his official residence as staff for routine maintenance yet the DP had not asked for such service. We are alert and shall go to every extent to protect him,” he said. 

He called on the international community to be on the lookout of the happenings around the DP and Kenya’s politics noting that the trends were worrying.

“This move alone has caused tension in the country and especially in the Rift Valley. This is not a healthy environment for a country that is heading to a General Election,” he said.

By The Standard

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