Raila Odinga Networth: Former Prime Minister and current ODM and opposition leader Raila Odinga revealed that he is worth about Sh. 2 billion. Mr. Odinga further said that despite the amount of wealth he has, he does not consider himself rich.

He made these revelations while speaking to NTV last year. The former prime minister said that his wealth was in terms of the property that he owns.

“They are saying Raila Odinga is so rich… so very rich… which is not true. I am worth about two billion shillings,” Raila said.

He explained that most of his wealth was in the form of property and company shares noting that his Karen house is worth about Sh. 300 million.

The opposition chief disclosed that he also owned shares in some companies but did not mention which ones or the value of his ownership.When pressed on what amounts to being rich, Raila avoided a straight response and said his Sh. 2 billion is not in cash. He went on: “I started my own business which is employing people in Industrial Area in Nairobi. Whatever we have done is in very good faith. We have invested in the molasses industry which is not working right now as the sugar mills are not working.”

The decision to reveal his net worth came after deputy president William Ruto refused to state how much he is worth in a previous interview with NTV.

In the interview, Raila also said that a lifestyle audit on Deputy President William Ruto would show that his wealth is questionable. Raila Odinga Networth.

By Bizna Kenya

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