Anti-riot police officers were spotted outside Deputy President William Ruto’s Karen residence on Friday, September 3, causing jitters among his allies. Ruto’s team revealed that they spotted the anti-riot police hovering outside as the DP was meeting with youth leaders from Nairobi County.

Those who were outside the DP’s Karen residence fled after they saw the anti-riot police, who are infamous for dispersing gatherings rather violently and in short order.

Emanuel Talam, DP Ruto’s spokesperson confirmed that indeed they had spotted the riot police and he termed their presence as an “intimidation tactic”.

DP Ruto speaking on how he felt betrayed by the president. Muhabarishaji.com

The DP’s spokesperson questioned why the police would be deployed near Ruto’s residence as he met with youth leaders from Nairobi county, just as he has been doing with various groups from across the country.

But police spokesperson, Bruno Shioso dismissed the claims that the riot police were deployed to intimidate allies of the Deputy President who were meeting at his Karen residence.

“It’s our business to maintain security and we patrol each and every corner of this city to make sure that security is tight,” the Police spokesperson stated.

The incident comes amid reports that several phone calls were made among senior police bosses, leading to the downgrading of DP Ruto’s security.

Reports had it that a top officer received a call from a senior official within the DP’s security circle, seeking clarification on a new directive issued to all police chiefs in Nairobi to stop political gatherings.

Ruto’s security officials notified their boss of the new directive from GSU bosses to end the Karen meetings. But that order was not adhered to and things took a drastic turn.

Security chiefs felt that the DP’s security officials had not dealt with the matter properly and more high-level calls to the GSU headquarters were made, leading to the current changes.

Sourced from Muhabarishaji

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