President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered all planes at Wilson Airport to be grounded on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

The directive was issued moments before visiting Head of State from Hungary, János Áder used a passenger plane to travel outside Nairobi.

Sources at Wilson Airport told a local media house that President János Áder was to visit either Diani or Masai Mara, via the local flight but Uhuru ordered the Kenya Airforce to instead take over and fly Áder to his destination.

Passengers were directed to alight from their planes as the military assumed operations at the airport.

Travellers who spoke to a local media house complained after they were informed that their flights would be delayed to give time for President Áder to fly out.

“We were asked to alight from our planes as all flights were grounded. Most of us have been here since 10 am. Our plane was scheduled for the afternoon but we are now stuck and delayed. We are not yet sure on when operations will resume,” a passenger told a local media.

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