President Uhuru Kenyatta has glowingly eulogized Archbishop Zacharia Magondu Kimani of Akurinu Church of Kenya who passed on on Thursday 16.

Archbishop Kimani was the National Priest-Patron and archbishop of the Akurinu Church in Kenya, until when he met his death midweek.

In his message on Friday, September 18, Uhuru praised the archbishop as a humble leader who lived in deep trust and always led by example.

Uhuru has sent his message of comfort and encouragement to the Akurinu Church, which held Kimani in high esteem, his family and friends.

“It is very unfortunate that death has robbed our country of a humble, dependable and progressive spiritual leader who stood and worked relentlessly for the unity of Kenyans,”read a part of Uhuru’s condolence message.

The head of state noted that he was grateful to God for giving Kenya such a relentless leader and that he has left a legacy.

“We thank God for Archbishop Kimani’s long service and appreciate his contribution to the stability and progress of our nation,” Uhuru mourned.

Notably, the president called out Kimani as a humble leader, because of his distinctive style of leadership, which ensured that he reached out to many people.

“Archbishop Kimani’s leadership style endeared him to many people within his church and beyond because he truly portrayed humility, passion and commitment to God’s teachings,” the President noted.

The Head of State used this opportunity and noted that death comes as a reminder to us, that we are not here on earth to stay, and we should always live by what Christ wants us to do.

“We all know that we are sojourners here on earth. We need to continuously adhere to the teachings of Christ even as we continue doing his will in our various stations of life,” he remarked.

Uhuru comforted the bereaved family and told them that their leader had kept the faith throughout his race.

He concluded as he prayed for the family, church and friends for the strength they need to bear the Archbishop’s departure.

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