Police Officer Beat up Colleagues in a Deadly Incident

Chaos unfolded at Keringet Police Station in Nakuru when a junior officer launched a physical assault on his colleagues, resulting in his subsequent arrest. The incident transpired following a disagreement over a prisoner the officer had personally taken to the Officer Commanding Station’s (OCS) office.

The dispute escalated into a fistfight, prompting screams that caught the attention of fellow officers. The assailant was found aggressively assaulting his colleague against a wall, with onlookers managing to intervene and restrain the enraged officer.

The Officer Commanding Station swiftly arrived to investigate the situation, only to face threats and insults from the suspect. The injured officer, who suffered a head cut during the altercation, was promptly taken to Keringet Sub-County Hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the accused officer was heavily intoxicated before arriving at the station. Officers from Keringet Station are actively probing the incident to ascertain if the officer violated Section 64 of the Police Act, which mandates adherence to standing orders and the Code of Regulations during service.

Should the officer be found guilty, he will face disciplinary action as per the regulations set by the National Police Service (NPS).

In a bid to shed light on other news, recent reports include a tragic accident along the Eldoret-Nakuru highway claiming eight lives and a crackdown in Nyeri Town leading to several arrests. Additionally, the government has directed citizens to obtain permits for New Year fireworks celebrations.

In a separate incident, DCI officers conducted a night raid on Nairobi CBD stalls, emphasizing heightened security measures. The Kenyan government is also urging vigilance against potential high-profile meetings, with police conducting security checks along major highways to prevent gatherings by groups like the Mungiki gang.

These events underscore the varied challenges faced by law enforcement, from internal conflicts within police stations to external threats and the need for enhanced security measures.

As investigations into the assault at Keringet Police Station continue, it remains to be seen how the National Police Service will address this breach of conduct and uphold the integrity of the force.

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