Peter Salasya Causes Fight in School

Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has once again found himself at the center of controversy, this time for a heated confrontation with high school students. Concerns are mounting within the community, accusing Salasya of an abuse of power since taking office.

The incident unfolded when a video surfaced, capturing Salasya ordering high school students to return to their classes.

In a defiant response, the students resisted, provoking a sharp reaction from the MP. Salasya, attempting to assert authority, pursued the students to enforce his directive, but his efforts were met with steadfast defiance.

This latest controversy follows a recent clash between Salasya and a local MCA at a funeral, leading to the MP’s arrest and subsequent court appearance. Undeterred by legal consequences, Salasya demanded an apology from the MCA, accusing him of obstructing a project initiated in a particular school.

The MCA, still recovering from physical injuries sustained in a previous encounter with Salasya, faced a dilemma – balancing physical recovery against the perceived humiliation of apologizing.

The tense meeting unfolded with the MCA, visibly uncomfortable and in plaster, grappling with the decision to comply with Salasya’s demand. Refusing to yield to the MP’s order, the MCA’s defiance escalated Salasya’s frustration, prompting an abrupt adjournment of the gathering.

Despite conceding defeat, Salasya instructed students to return to class, only to face resounding opposition from those who remembered the MCA incident.

The schoolyard standoff reached its peak as students resisted Salasya’s attempts to disperse them, expressing disapproval of his actions. In a surprising turn, the MP surrendered by throwing up his hands, signifying his retreat from the school grounds.

As Salasya exited, students cautiously returned to the assembly ground, concluding a tumultuous chapter in the MP’s controversial tenure.

This latest incident has sparked community concerns over Salasya’s conduct, with many questioning the appropriateness of his actions. As the video circulates on social media, the community awaits further developments and potential repercussions for the MP’s behavior.

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