The Nairobi Expressway will be out of bounds for motorists effective today Saturday, July 30, 2022, from 9 pm.

Moja Expressway company, which manages the road, said the move follows the end to of the trial period under which it was serving motorists.

It will resume operations once it is officially launched.

The company said motorists will be advised once the services resume.

“The trial period for the Nairobi Expressway, which commenced on May 14, 2022, has come to an end,” Moja Expressway Company said in a statement.

“The road will now be officially closed from 9 pm this Saturday, July 30, 2022, until it is officially commissioned. The Moja Expressway company regrets any inconvenience caused and motorists will be advised upon resumption of service on the expressway.”

The trial phase was to assess the project and establish what needs to be done to enable effective service delivery.

During the trial phases, a number of accidents have been reported on the highway, especially at the Mlolongo toll station.

Such incidences now give the company an opportunity to devise ways of ensuring the road is safe and motorists ply the route within the standard operating procedures to avert tragic cases.

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