MP Caught in the Act With Son’s Wife

A Western Kenya member of Parliament is facing tough times in his family after he hijacked his son’s girlfriend. The act by the MP has deteriorated his relationship with the wife and the son. The son after learning about the affair decided to report his dad to the mother in revenge.

Reportedly, the son to the MPs brought a beautiful lady and introduced her to his father. The son anticipated that his father will bless their union and later on marry the lady. However, that was not the case. His father who is an MP dismissed the lady and told her son that the girl he brought is too expensive for him to marry. The father went ahead and advised the son to look for a lady whom he can manage financially.

After dismissing the son’s fiance, the MP desired and pursued the lady. A genuine source reveals that the MP was later was spotted in public with the son’s fiance having best moments of their life. The two were indulging in intimate moments. Witnesses claim that the couple enjoyed adventures, exchanged affectionate gestures, and revelled in the pleasures that money and love could provide.

After resizing that the father is having affectionate gestures and love affairs with his fiancée, the son was stressed and became desperate. He decided to turn to his mother informing her of the scandalous affair. The son dragged her into the the painful love triangle. This caused turmoil in the family, the son cut his ties with the father while the mother developed an attitude towards the husband.

To salvage the situation and his personal reputation, the MP decided to buy a 2022 Range Rover Model and gift her wife in order to win her trust again. He went further and took her to extravagant shopping and expensive hotels. Despite the extravagant gesture, the family is still in crumble.

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