Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition party has clarified its position regarding the listing of Kenyan youths in the Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB).

Speaking in Nyeri on Saturday, Karua said that her administration with Raila Odinga would be keen on unlocking the financial freedom and success for a majority of youths who have been negatively listed.

According to her, the listing has led to the victims missing out on capital for businesses due to the reluctance by other lenders to entrust them with monies in form of loans.

She however stated that those owed money would still be at liberty to pursue defaulters even with the clearance from the CRB.

“If you have borrowed money from someone, Azimio will not stop that person from asking for his money, ni haki kwa wote. But stories about putting you on a list that stops you from opening a business which will help you get money to repay the other loan is what we will deal with,” she said.

This she said while responding to a youth who had sought clarification on the coalition’s position on those listed in CRB.

One would still be allowed to borrow from other lenders to offset their outstanding debts.

Ruto’s pledge
Earlier, Deputy President William Ruto pledged to help millions of Kenyans who are blacklisted on CRB if he is elected president

Speaking in Kiambaa, Ruto said he is keen on helping Kenyans with mountains of debt so that they can attain financial freedom.

He said that his government would allocate KSh 50 billion annually for the 14 million Kenyans listed on CRB.

“There are about 14 million Kenyans blacklisted on CRB and that is why I am committing myself that we will allocate government funds to correct this financial system so that the country cannot work for two or three people,” he said.

Promise to youths By February this year, more than 14 million Kenyans who owe KSh 423 billion had been blacklisted in CRB.

By Tuko

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