Mama Ngina Girls High School Relocated

Mama Ngina Girls High School in Mombasa has undergone a significant relocation to Shanzu, away from its former city center location, as part of a strategic effort to alleviate overcrowding. The new 20-acre campus was generously donated by Shimo La Tewa Boys High School.

Previously confined to just one acre, Mama Ngina Girls faced challenges related to limited space, hindering both growth and participation in co-curricular activities. Principal Mwanahamisi Omar expressed gratitude, emphasizing that the donated land would effectively address the issue of congestion within the school.

During the school’s reopening, Principal Omar highlighted the positive impact of the move, with a student expressing joy at having larger classrooms and facilities as a Form Four student. The expanded 20-acre campus allows for more extensive plans, including multiple fields for various extracurricular activities such as football and basketball.

Mama Ngina, being a national school, had struggled with insufficient space for expansion and extracurricular pursuits. The school had previously resorted to hiring the Mbaraki Sports Club Ground twice a week due to a lack of playing fields, as indicated on its website.

With the relocation, the administration envisions a comprehensive plan to enhance sports and other activities, anticipating improved school performance. Students pledged to leverage the donated land to excel not only at the county level but also beyond its borders.

This move comes at a time when educational landscapes are evolving, and schools are adapting to meet the changing needs of students. Mama Ngina Girls High School’s transition to a more spacious environment reflects a commitment to providing a conducive learning and growth environment.

As the school begins this new chapter, it aligns with broader efforts in the education sector to optimize resources and create better learning experiences for students. The collaboration between Mama Ngina Girls High School and Shimo La Tewa Boys High School stands as a commendable example of community support in advancing education.

Mama Ngina Girls High School’s relocation to Shanzu, facilitated by the generous donation from Shimo La Tewa Boys High School, marks a positive step toward addressing overcrowding issues and fostering a more conducive learning environment.

The increased space not only allows for expansion but also enhances the school’s capacity to engage in various extracurricular activities, contributing to the holistic development of its students.

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