As the head of the Executive, President William Ruto has powers to employ and fire top government officials like cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, board chairs, heads of parastatals and principal secretaries.

However, article 248 and Article 251 of the Kenyan Constitution offers the security of tenure to some government employees. 

Holders of these offices can only be removed from office for the following reasons. 

Serious violation of the Constitution
Gross misconduct
Mental incapacity

Even if a commissioner or independent officeholder is guilty of the above, the President cannot fire or order his resignation. 

Holders of the following offices are protected by Article 251 of the Kenyan Constitution:

Kenya National Human Rights Commission
National Land Commission
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
Public Service Commission
Judicial Service Commission
Commission on Revenue Allocation
Parliamentary Service Commission
Salaries and Remuneration Communication
Teachers Service Commission
National Police Service Commission
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
Auditor General
Controller of Budget
Kenya’s Constitution states a petition must be filed in Parliament in the event the aforementioned government officials need to be removed from office. 

The National Assembly will examine the case and decide whether the officer should be investigated.

A written recommendation will then be presented to the President, who forms a tribunal to probe the case.

At this point, the President may suspend the officer, who will continue receiving half the employment benefits while on suspension.

The tribunal, within 30 days, makes a written recommendation to the President, who then acts per the proposals. 

Sourced from Kenyans

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