Kuria Announces His Next Move After Reshuffling

The CS for Performance Contract and Public Service Moses Kuria has affirmed that, those who are closer to retirement must prepare to go home and pave way for the young people.

He is confident that, the Ministry of Public Service will obviously go on line with the agenda of the president.

CS Kuria is firm that, the young people are jobless because the old people have refused to go home yet most of them have worked in government for several years.

It’s clear that, those who will be lazy after signing performance contract will also be fired.

The CS for Public Service is confident that, the president has assigned him new responsibilities fully aware of his capacity. He is of the view that, those who are in doubt of his plan for the public sector must watch the space.

Moses Kuria is firm that, people will be fired badly especially those who do not perform their duties as expected by the president. It’s worth noting that, the Ministry of Public Service and performance contract is very powerful given it’s roles in government performance.

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