Every man in this world deserves time to drop mic after years of service.

During a retirement party, people will stifle a yawn if you give a goodbye speech for hours.

They understand this is your last official engagement and the least they can do is to listen to you.

Today President Uhuru delivered his last state of the nation address to Kenyans.

The speech was quite long considering the president was doing a recap of his two terms as the head of republic.

Instead of Murkomen critiquing the speech, he turned petty.

He suggested that in future presidents should have a limited time for delivering such address.

Kenyans did not take Murkomen seriously for two reasons.

First, he could never have posted such if he was still the majority leader in the senate.

Secondly, should Ruto win next year and deliver an equally long speech Murkomen will not mind.

It just shows Murkomen is smarting from how he was kicked to the curb.

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